SHFTRS is your QA assistant

With SHFTRS you will not only get a platform with state-of-art technology but you will also get access to our Customer Success team, a.k.a. QA Assistance.
The process

Plan the coverage strategy

Maximize your success with SHFTRS. Our Customer Success team will work closely with you to automate your test cases, ensuring your goals are exceeded. Effortlessly capture manual test cases with our screen recorder and receive prompt support and clarification whenever needed. 


Time for creation

Ready to embark on your automation journey? You're in control! Choose your path: dive into automation yourself or let us handle it seamlessly for you (included in the platform license fee). Sit back and relax as we craft customized automation scripts tailored to your recordings and requirements, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition to automated excellence.


Seamless test automation runs

Harness the power of the SHFTRS Platform to effortlessly run your automation tests. For each test suit, SHFTRS spins up a separate container. Whether you've scripted your automation directly on our platform or through another method, our Unified Test Automation Runner seamlessly integrates with any test framework you're using. Enjoy unmatched flexibility and efficiency in your testing journey.


Reporting and dashboard

Gain comprehensive reporting on every aspect of your test automation runs. Slice and dice the data output to achieve a holistic, 360-degree view of your software's health. When a bug surfaces, rest assured that proper evidence is collected and presented through your preferred channels, ensuring transparent and effective communication.


Experience hassle-free maintenance

Say goodbye to the burden of maintaining automation! Our dedicated Customer Success team has your back. Whether you're making changes to your software or enhancing your systems, we're here to ensure seamless adjustments to your automation. With us by your side, you can confidently continue releasing with confidence.


Optimize your automations

At SHFTRS, our mission is to empower every customer to release software with confidence and more efficiently. We go the extra mile to proactively recommend new items to test and ensure comprehensive coverage for your software. With us by your side, you'll unleash the full potential of your software releases, achieving success with speed and certainty.


Need clarification?

What is SHFTRS?

At SHFTRS, we offer a cutting-edge test automation platform designed to empower our clients with seamless integration and UI test automation solutions.

Our platform operates on a hybrid SaaS model, ensuring optimal customer success through comprehensive automation scripting, maintenance, and seamless script execution.

Can I just use SHFTRS automation Platform?

Absolutely, you're welcome to craft and manage your own scripts according to your preferences.

Our customer success team is dedicated to providing support and assistance, ensuring your valuable time is optimized for other priorities, should you choose to utilize our services.

What if we use other automation tools/frameworks?

Rest assured, the SHFTRS platform addresses this concern comprehensively. We provide runners compatible with a wide array of tools and frameworks, eliminating the need to discard any existing automation efforts. Instead, we seamlessly integrate and enhance your current capabilities with additional functionalities to meet your specific requirements.

How does SHFTRS report bugs?

In the event of a test failure, our dedicated Customer Success team swiftly investigates the root cause, providing detailed insights into the issue. This proactive approach significantly reduces the time from detection to resolution.

Moreover, if a test fails due to changes in the underlying software but is a false positive, we promptly incorporate the test into our maintenance process and update the automation script accordingly.

Will it take me months to get automation?

Certainly not. SHFTRS seamlessly integrates with your existing development workflow, eliminating the need for lengthy implementation periods. In fact, the majority of our clients achieve an impressive 80% automation of their integration and UI tests within just three months.

One tool for all your metrics